Company Introduction

Shanghai Yushu Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company focusing on the development and operation of mind mapping software, system software, and other similar products.


YushuMind is used in various fields such as education, business, and life, with broad market prospects and a huge user market. YushuMind a mind mapping tool that focuses on developing left- and right-brain thinking, capturing ideas, and brainstorming. It is easy to use, fast, beautiful, rich, and can be shared in writing. Make mind mapping faster and easier. At present, mind mapping is a high-quality tool for elite business people, white-collar workers, student teachers, etc. in developed countries to improve work and study efficiency.

What Can YushuMind Do?


Make work more efficient. It is used by white-collar workers, business people, Internet ERs, etc. to brainstorm, organize ideas, and work plans every day to form a necessary and efficient office software for arrangement, allowing you to get twice the result with half the effort. Meeting shorthand can quickly form meeting minutes during the meeting, which is beautiful and fast, allowing participants to quickly understand the content of the meeting discussion and follow up the progress of the meeting discussion items at any time. And adds a lot of color to various work reports and PPTs The personal resume is in the form of a timeline to better clarify the personal resume, which is clear, beautiful and high-grade. Project management monitors project progress anytime and anywhere to ensure project execution Collaboration and sharing By sharing original files with WeChat QQ friends, friends can improve ideas, details, share, browse and edit mind maps


Make learning easier for school students and teachers, organize notes, prepare lessons, semester plans and memorize vocabulary, etc. While making a beautiful mind map, you also organize your own study and lesson preparation plans. Dramatically transform the way you learn, teach and create in the classroom Teachers use mind maps to prepare lessons, which are vivid and vivid, and the class content is clear and comprehensive. The lesson preparation content is sufficient and includes props, so students can be confident. Improve teaching quality When reviewing notes and organizing study notes, use mind maps to express them in a more organized manner, connect knowledge contents in an orderly manner, and have a sense of picture and overall situation in your mind, saying goodbye to the burden of complex and fragmented memories.


Make life easier Shopping list: Make shopping an easy and pleasant thing, without having to remember fragmentary things, meet the needs of life, and do your best for family happiness Travel planning: No need to travel with a group, be pressed for time or sleep poorly, easily arrange your own travel, and take photos to record what you see and hear along the way. Study plan: Use the map to easily arrange your child's education plan, allowing father and mother to share educational responsibilities, so that your child's education is guaranteed Family member relationship analysis, children's growth records: Maps can be used to sort out the relationships among family friends, record children's growth, and establish personal growth plans


Inspiration Capture No matter what the occasion, you can easily record inspiration and ideas, capture the details and ideas you pay attention to, seize market opportunities, and break through difficulties.